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The Zlín Film Festival – Online for the First Time

Published May 4, 2021

Although nothing can replace the sharing of film experiences together in full cinema halls, this year we have decided to shorten the wait for the classic version of the festival with an online version called Zlín Film Festival – Part 1.

The Zlín Film Festival – Part 1 will take place from May 28 – June 1, 2021, and will be territorially limited only to audiences in the Czech Republic. An exception to this will be the part of the program intended for film professionals from around the world, which can be found in the section “Film Professionals”

Czech animated films can be watched by young foreign viewers in India, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey, Cuba, and Ukraine as part of a special project called “Check the Czechs”.

Most of the program is completely free to watch; only selected titles and programs will be charged a symbolic amount of CZK61.

So what will the online Zlín Film Festival bring?

Through our web interface, it will be possible to watch not only films but also another online program related to the theme of this year’s 61st Zlín Film Festival, “Literature in Film”.

Film program here.