Translation: My Brother the Messiah by Martin Vopěnka

Published February 16, 2021

Martin Vopěnka´s book My Brother the Messiah, a story about daring to seed the future of our planet, was published in English with the translation by Anna Bryson Gustova.

Official synopsis

It’s 2096. Scientists work to protect a baking planet. What a drought-stricken Europe needs is rain. What it gets is a messiah.

Eli is born in a suburb of Prague. A rainstorm heralds the birth. Perhaps this messiah is for real. Eli’s father abandons the family to become the dictators’ right-hand man. Eli’s elder brother Marek guides Eli through his short and powerful life.

Can tales of a messiah be enough to heal a ravaged planet in which few babies are born? If so, Marek works with the zeal of a prophet. Aged 72, he’s still going strong. A new follower joins Marek’s community, young Natalia. She awakens the old man to the joys of the body. But what’s the worth of human love when the environment is collapsing? Marek sets out to find his answer.