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Wall Street exhibition at the Villa Pellé Gallery

Published June 23, 2022

The Villa Pellé Gallery presents an exhibition of works by Czech street artists. According to the curator of the exhibition, Radek Wohlmuth, quality of Czech street art has been steadily increasing and reaching peaks of creativity.

The collective exhibition project Wall Street celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the cult exhibition City of Obsession, to which it is also loosely related. This time focus is purely on the domestic community, with the ambition of reflecting on the shift that has occurred in the art scene in recent years regarding former writers and presenting them in a slightly different context. The exhibition focuses mainly on painting, but objects and installations also play a partial role. The exhibition aims to present expressive currents, be it abstraction, expression or realistic tendencies, and is primarily focused on authentic expression.

Between June and September will also take place the first edition of the Wall Street Prague mural art festival featuring creation of 5 murals by foreign and Czech artists. In addition, the show will present contemporary works by leading artists of the domestic and international art scene, lectures, discussions and workshops.

Wall Street exhibition at Villa Pellé 2.6. – 7.8. 2022                                                            Wall Street Prague festival 1.6. – 31.9. 2022

Find more information about the exhibition here or about the festival here.