World Premiere of A Marriage, a CZ&US Co-production Documentary

Published March 25, 2021

A Marriage, a documentary movie directed by Kateřina Hager and Asad Faruqi, will premiere worldwide at the 2021 Hot Docs Festival, Canada, as a part of the Changing Face of Europe program.

The movie of Czech and US co-production follows the relationship between Czech Zdenka and Pakistani Tabiš that originated online while playing the computer game “Farmville”. The two farmed together first on a virtual farm, but the watering of onions and tomatoes with each other gradually grew into a romance and eventually a wedding.

The movie was created with the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme of the EU.

The Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is the largest documentary festival in North America. The event takes place annually in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but this year it streams the program online for Canadian residents.